Therapeutic Yoga

Hrhythm Yoga

The HRhythm Yoga Services offerings have been crafted by some of the best Yoga Instructors in India. This service track provides value-based Yoga services like Chair Yoga for Office goers who are in Sedentary positions, Yoga for pregnancy, Yoga Mudras & Chakras for De stressing, energy, agility, Yoga for pregnancy, Yoga for beauty etc.

Yoga Anywhere

MyIndianYoga lets you learn Yoga from wherever you are, whenever you want, through our live interactive sessions using your Mobile, Tablet, PC or TV. It is Yoga is in its pristine form, from the confines of your home or office without having to step out

Authentic Indian Gurus

You can be rest assured of learning from authentic Indian gurus or experts by subscribing to our yoga services. The grounded teaching style of our yoga professionals seamlessly support learning to gain confidence in yoga postures, step by step. By signing up on our site/ application, Yoga learners can look to expand their personal journey while aligning with the teachings of ancient yogic traditions.

Customized Programs

You can filter by duration, teacher, focus or style to find the perfect class to meet your needs. Our programs are customized to suit the diverse needs across ages, gender, pregnancy, special children, and older people facing health challenges.

Device Friendly

Our programs are device friendly and you can learn yoga to the extent you wish by streaming our videos or live classes on a tablet, phone, mobile or laptop. With just a yoga mat in your possession, you can start practicing yoga to get active and agile from today!

Yoga For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes that create stress mentally and physically. A way to maintain a healthy mind and body is prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga focuses on specific simple exercises for pregnant women, to enhance strength and flexibility. It also helps pregnant women to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques in preparation for more comfortable labor.

Yoga For Digestion & Gastric Disorders

Our digestive fire should be strong for our metabolism to be optimal. Otherwise, even if we eat a nutritious or balanced diet, our body will not be able to assimilate the nutrients present in our food. Through regular practice of yoga, our body can be detoxified and blood circulation can be improved. Twisting asanas, boat pose, forward bending pose and pranayama can make the digestive system function effectively

Yoga For Sports Persons

Yoga helps a sports person to feel and understand the body processes more accurately, thereby learning what the body needs. By understanding this, an athlete can work on areas that needs attention with confidence. This program gives significance to balance poses, inverted asanas combined with power pranayama to provide strengthening to all crucial muscles and ligaments which is essential for sports.

Yoga For Defying Age

Yoga can help you look and feel young all through your life. The anti- aging benefits of yoga are many since this practice helps you to manage your stress primarily. Asanas which reduces age related ailments such as anxiety and depression include the child pose, tree pose, downward dog etc. You can include meditation, chanting, mudras and pranayama for added benefits.

Yoga For Menstrualproblems (PMS& PMDD)

Premenstrual syndrome is associated with mood swings, angry outbursts, craving and bloating. With regular yoga practice, you can remove most of these symptoms and lead a happy and healthy life. Yoga works by easing stress and helping you feel relaxed. Gentle back bending exercises, suryanamaskar, mudras, pranayama  and core yoga can help calm the nervous system and fight the negative symptoms associated with this condition.

All one needs is a simple 5-minutes practice based on our recorded videos at regular intervals without disturbing the regular flow of work. Our BOTS will remind the employee that it is time to perform a specific yoga exercise and to record the experience after the stretches. In addition to the recorded video assisted sessions, live personalized and group exercises can be enabled using the mobile or desktop versions.