Therapeutic Music

Hrhythm Music

The Music for Healthy living track is anchored by Sikkil Gurucharan, P Unnikrishnan, Mano, Madhu Balakrishnan, KS Chitra, among others – top celebrities from South India Therapeutic Music. This track enables guided music for de stressing, harmony, happiness, pregnancy etc. and focuses on holistic learning of advanced nuances of Carnatic and Cine Music genres from the Indian Celebrity Musicians. More details on

Therapeutic Music

Therapeutic Music would include slow moving ragas, thalams and swaras to keep music more secular and unbiased plus listening to some popular songs. We have included some stress alleviating raagas from Carnatic and Hindustani Music plus have some intellectually stimulating concepts like rhythmic variations, block patterns of rhythmic swaras to facilitate mental agility when required. More details on

Music For Team Building

Team Building by taking a concept and making each team member deliver their ideas in the most democratic manner. Passing the baton and making each team member accountable for the overall output in the time they hold the baton. This is not only to show how to achieve maximum output under deadline pressures but also how to be content and confident with one’s output within that deadline. Also JAM sessions on One minute – One Raaga concept. More details on

Music For Pregnancy ( Pre Natal )

For Hindus, there are a bunch of sacred texts from ancient times that address pregnancy wellness and bring about divine ordinance during the gestational period plus labor time. For all others, the wider canvas of ragas or scales can be effectively used to promote wellness during pregnancy. Furthermore, texts from their individual faiths or groups can also be adapted within these ragas to create a holistic wellness program for expectant mothers. Music both with lyrics and without lyrics heals! More details on

Energy From Vedic Chants

Energy from select Vedic Chants that are known to impart positive vibes and happiness. This track focuses on such energy giving chants. More details on

Music For Happiness

Many inspirational poetry of famous writers like Vivekananda, Vallalar, Valluvar, Kabir, Bharatiyar, Bharatidasan can be sung and heard in repeat mode to regain faith and confidence in life. Continued listening to songs that are constructed with precision, for e.g. the Trinity Kritis will certainly have a positive outcome in the mental conditions of people under severe depression. In these cases, music with lyrics in one’s individual languages will help a great deal. The employees can also be encouraged to write their own lyrics to express their minds for us to sing and show that they are productive enough to carry on with normal lives.

Raagas based on certain frequencies and speeds that are capable of inducing happiness. Elevating adrenalin levels through practicing these ragas like Shankarabharanam, Pantuvarali, Mohanam, and some Vakra raagas that have parameters to be adhered to, like a T20 match that has so many rules that need to be considered while playing and winning. Nail biting yet stimulating. More details on