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Today, IoT in conjunction with telemedicine has created a new Internet of Medical Things and this has come to play a crucial role in monitoring the illness of patients. Owing to the busy lifestyles in the digital era, people are left with very little time to take care of their health and their family’s health as well. Hence rather than spending time visiting a hospital for a minor health issue, they now prefer a teleconsultation.

This is where US based HealiaDigital comes into the picture. HealiaDigital offers an innovative and advanced Telemedicine platform with Remote Patient Monitoring capabilities, through the Healia app. Since consumers today look for a simple and smooth digital experience while teleconsulting without spending too much time,the Healia app provides a seamless experience and can be used by consumers of almost all age groups as it has a simple user interface. Furthermore, a queuing system/virtual waiting room is also available that helps in avoiding unnecessary waiting times thereby mimicking an actual waiting room experience.

“As Doctors, it’s always been our endeavor to provide the best of medical care to our patients. Through our Healia platform we are upping the ante by changing the very face of healthcare delivery in India by offering both offline and online healthcare”, says Dr. J S Rajkumar, a leading surgical Gastroenterologist in India & the Middle East, and the Chairman of HealiaDigital Inc.

Integrating IoT devices for preventive healthcare
“We have built the Healia Platform using the latest software tools and our remote patient monitoring devices help doctors track patients’ health and provide comprehensive medical care through a seamless user experience” , says Ananth Subramanian, the Vice Chairman of the Company, based at Silicon Valley, US.

The Healia app focuses on preventive healthcare by integrating IOT devices for remote monitoring and using predictive analysis to better health outcomes. It provides comprehensive health services with a 360-degree approach to user-health with users having access to multiple adjacent services such as nutrition/diet plans, wellness services, and Telemedicine & remote patient monitoring.

So far, healthcare delivery has focused largely on reactive treatment and patients seek medical care only when they fall ill. Healia focuses on preventive healthcare with a series of interventions that ensure that any adverse medical event is prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Using advanced AI algorithms, Healia analyses user data collected and provides proactive interventions thereby mitigating potential future health issues and increasing the holistic health of the individual. HealiaDigital is spearheaded by highly experienced and Tech-Savvy Medical doctors supported by global technology leaders who have collaborated to design, develop and deliver the Healia connected Digital healthcare experience.

TheRoad Ahead
HealiaDigital plans to integrate multiple IOMT devices and thus the company is currently working on wearables for daytime monitoring and non-intrusive devices for night monitoring. Advanced AI & Predictive analytics will allow Healia to predict and prevent adverse health events by continually monitoring users spearheading the transition to Preventive and Proactive healthcare. Healia has an ambitious roadmap ahead. An online medical marketplace will be added later this year to bring homebased medical devices to consumers at a very affordable cost.

“We are shortly integrating genomics into the platform which will herald a next-gen era of personalized healthcare using cutting-edge technology”, says Dr. Natesh Bala, the CEO of HealiaDigital Inc.
Healia aims to touch a million lives by mid-2023. For this fledgling healthtech startup, the number of lives touched is the only measure of success.